New V16 emergency light required by law - with the DURALED Guarantee

The end of the Emergency Triangle

In the event of a breakdown or accident, place the emergency light on the roof of the car or on a place on the motorcycle with high visibility. In this way, it will quickly alert other drivers to the broken down vehicle on the side of the road. Always keep the device within reach, in the glove compartment of the car or in the motorcycle. Place the device in usage position before getting out of the car and at the highest possible point on vehicle so as to be seen from as far afield as possible.


360 degrees

Duraled light covers a horizontal field of view of 360 degrees

80 cd

Light has an intensity between 40 and 80 cds for at least 30 minutes


IP protection degree: at least IP54. Protection against humidity

180 Pa

The equipment is designed with a magnetic base that withstands winds up to 180 Pa


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